All Myself To You ♡ DENNOR

DenNor Human AU
Hurt/Comfort, Fluff

Christmas was the most enjoyable time of the year for all five members of the Nordic Five household. In fact, the house grew so busy, nobody had time to chitchat about what they wanted or needed, especially busy bee Tino, and his adoring fiance Berwald. The two decorated the house with many pretty lights, cute little snowmen figurines and last, but not least, the Christmas tree. Each of the Nordics took turn placing ornaments onto the tree, Mathias going first, second Lukas, and so forth. "And we're done!" Tino clapped his hands, eyes shut as he grinned cheerfully. "All that's left to do is finish decorating the sweets, and we'll wait until Santa arrives in the next couple of days!" With that said, all five of the Nordics went separate directions. Well, all except Mathias.

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The Matchmaking Catastrophe

Title: The Matchmaking Catastrophe
Warnings: use of profanity, and numerous digs at OTPs (don't take it personally though; I ship most of these xD)
Summary: "You've traumatized a number of people in this room!" Germany snapped. "You've destroyed many potential relationships...and you have completely RUINED any chance I had with Italy!" - Prussia starts up a matchmaking business.

"Exactly!" Prussia thumped him on the back. "So go give your daddy a big kiss on the lips, and hand me my money!"


Story: Irresistible

Summary: Germany decides to treat everyone to donuts, Canada is the naturally the only one left out. Being a hero America decides to bring him back some, but does anything other than the box even make it to him?

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia.

"What is this?" Canada wanted to know, studying the empty Dunkin Donuts Box.

America scratched the back of his head. "Ah, well you see, Germany had decided to treat everyone to donuts. You were the only left out."

"Again...?" mumbled Canada, his bang shadowing his eyes, as that 'why-am-I-always-forgotton' look once again appeared on his face.

"So I decided to bring you some." America's voice brought him of his thoughts.

He now looked back up. "But it's empty."

"That's the thing I was getting to." America replied, holding up a finger. "Along the way I kinda got hungry. Sorry, Canada. No hard feelings, right? You know what they say, the pit of your stomach never lies."

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Story: Unfortunate

Summary: A little Hetalia fanfic with Germany, Italy, and a spoiled cake.

Genre: Humor, and Parody

"Germany! Germany!"

Germany looked up from his papers. "What is it? Can't you see I'm busy?"

Italy's smile only grew. "I know, but I got this really nice cake for yo-"

Suddenly, as he stepped forward, a huge cake in hand, he tripped on his shoelace. "Whooooaaa!"

Germany quickly shut his eyes, as his 'friend', whom he somehow managed to tolerate, let out a loud gasp. Italy shuttered, watching the cake flip over, landing upside down on the floor. His sobs of sorrow were heard in practically every inch of the entire building, for all he'd wanted was to do something special for Germany.

"No! The cake I had bought for Germany. It... It... It's ruined!" he cried, swinging his arms in the air.

Poor Italy; things don't always smoothly as we'd like it to sometimes.

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You're Not Alone (HetaOni)

Summary: Italy has a nightmare, or a recollection of the first time they entered the mansion, and starts to have doubts. Germany comforts him, and somehow makes him realize what he has right now. He would have to take it a day at a time, as that's all they could do. Besides, he still had his friends. They were alive. Still well. That's all he needed to know.

Genre: Hurt/Comfort & Friendship

Warning: Past Character Death (Don't read this unless you've seen or played HetaOni)

Italy woke with a cold sweat, tears streaming down his face. He'd just had a bad dream, and even though it was just that, it hurt. How much more could he take before he'd go insane? They told him they would get out alive this time no matter what, but, even though it was in the past, the memories still hurt. He couldn't help but wonder if they could actually make it, as they'd said the same exact thing in every past time loop, before, soon enough, they were gone

"They can't die...and leave me all alone." he half-whispered, holding back the tears that threatened to fall. Truth was, ever since the first time he'd came to the mansion the first time, he'd been hurting inside.

Getting up, Italy quietly walked past the beds, to the bathroom, unaware of the pair of eyes watching him.

'Itary-kun...?' Japan mused, setting up. Germany seemed to have been woken up, too, considering that him and Italy were sharing a bed.

Italy was in the bathroom now, setting against the wall, with his knees up to his chest and his arms around his legs. He buried his head in his arms. What if all of the nations' efforts proved to be meaningless after all? What if he had to go through it all over again...? It hurt so much to think about it after all they'd been through this time, but he couldn't stop worrying. He shook his head. 'We're stronger this time!' he told himself.

But so were the bosses.

He wanted to cry, but it would only prove how weak he was. This time, he wanted to be helpful, and as little of a burden as possibly.

What did it matter...? They would most likely die anyway.

'No!' I shouldn't think things like that. We will make it through this. Germany will be there, Japan, Prussia, Big Brother France, and everyone else, too.

They'll be dead though. How much longer can they really hold out...?

"Italy?" Italy jumped at Germany's voice.

"G-Germany!" he stammered, immediately standing up.

"Are you okay?" Germany questioned, when he saw Italy gaze off. "Italy?

"Oh, sorry...Yeah, I'm fine." Italy lied.

"Are you sure...?" Germany inquired.

"Ve, of course." Italy replied, smiling.

"You know, if you ever need to talk, I'm here to listen." Germany said awkwardly rubbing his neck.

"Ve. right."

'That's right.' He remembered something. He still had them didn't he? And all he could do was take it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and second by second, and hope for the best. Not only that, but he also had to play his part as in helping them the best he could. They were there for him, so he had to be there for them as well. Besides, he still had his friends. They were alive. Still well. That's all he needed to know.

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Standing on the Edge, Chapter 2 - Lies

Story: Standing on the Edge- Lies

Summary: As Italy struggles with his feelings for Germany, and his promise to Holy Roman Empire, he begins cutting as an out lit to deal with the pain. Even though he knows what he's doing isn't good for him, it's all he can think to do. Will he be able to recover, and stand on his own two feet as a nation again? Or will he be left, barely slipping through the cracks?

Pairings: GerIta, UsUk, SpaMano, HRExItaly

Warnings: Shounen-Ai

Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Friendship, Family & Humor

Germany vain pulsed in annoyance. Italy was late yet again. Why couldn't he just show up on time like Japan? What was so hard about that?

"Where could he be at?" he mused, seeing as the Pasta-loving nation had not arrived yet.

"I do wonder, myself." Japan replied, receiving a grunt from Germany. Right as he started to debate whether or not to head out to find him himself, a shout from off in the distance stopped him from doing so.

"Germany! Japan!" Germany and Japan looked up to see Italy quickly approaching them.

"Ve." Italy bent over, panting.

"You'd better have a good explanation as to why you're over an hour late, Italy." said Germany, his arms folded, as he towered over the small Italian.

"Si...Well, I um, well..." Italy fumbled through his words, knowing if he didn't come up with something very soon, they might see through his act. He smiled. "As I was coming here, there was a cute kitty that had got stuck in a tree. I decided to help, but it took forever to get it down."

"They are irresistible." shrugged Japan.

Germany sighed in defeat, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Very well... It does seem like a legitimate excuse, so I won't punish you this time. Let's just get to training."

"~Ve, Okay," Italy smiled, realizing only a moment later how out of character that actually was of him. Being Italy, he would've never just said, 'okay' to training without running off, and trying to ditch it. It was too late now, but he would have to be more careful from then on. After a moment of deep contemplation, Japan nodded, turning his gaze from Italy back to Germany. "Hai."

That day, Italy kept spacing out, only to be snapped back to reality by Germany.

"Pay attention, Italy." Germany had said. "You must focus on your training."

"Ve~ Sorry, Germany, I'm just so hungry. I can't stop thinking about Romano's pasta he made last night. It was so good~" he lied, giving his trademark lost-in-la-la-land face. No matter what, they couldn't know what he was really thinking about. He wanted to cut so bad that he couldn't stop thinking about it. 'Just a little longer, I have to wait it out.' He anxiously began scratching at his bandaged arm, suddenly noticing the looks he was receiving from his allies. He immediately stopped.

"Ve~ What's wrong? Why are you guys looking at me like that?" he smiled nervously. Germany sighed, yet again, as he looked away, then back over at Japan.

"Very well, since Italy is unable to continue, that will conclude our training for today."

"What are you talking about, Germany? I can continue." It's not that Italy wanted to train, but rather that he didn't Germany to see through his act, and recognize that he wasn't feeling okay. He didn't want them to worry about him; Germany, Japan, or Romano, or anyone for that matter. He didn't deserve any of their concern.,

"No, it's fine..." Germany nodded

Feliciano flinched as Ludwig grabbed his arm, slightly taking the German by surprise. Germany let go. He hadn't touched him that hard, had he?

"What's wrong with you today, Italy?" he questioned with worry. "You seem off, even for you."

Italy averted his gaze ever-so briefly, before looking back up.

"What do you mean? I'm perfectly fine." he beamed.

Germany wasn't fooled though. He stared at him, trying to think of what to say, if he should say something, but decided to let it go for the time being.

"Anyway, I'll see you guys later." said Italy, as he rushed off before they could say anything. Germany stepped forward, worryingly.

"Ita-" Japan held up a hand to stop him. Ludwig looked down to meet Kiku's eyes. "Japan..."

The Asian looked away. "I may not be the best in the world when it comes to this, but I can easily tell that Itary-kun is hiding something from us. Even so, I say it's best we wait a little while before approaching him."

"I guess you're right..." Germany reluctantly nodded, deciding to take Japan's advice, as he was usually right when it came to reading others. He, however couldn't help but wonder why Italy had got so tense when he'd grabbed his arm so softly. Japan was probably right though. It was best to let it go for now.

Meanwhile, with Italy...

'That was so close. Germany almost found out! This is bad, I have to be more careful...' the petite Italian, ran through the town as fast as his legs would go, as he held back tears. He wasn't even sure where he was going, and he didn't want to go home just yet, as letting his brother see him in this state of mind would only get him fussed at. Not only that, but it was a known fact that Romano strongly disliked Germany, and since he was the one who was responsible for him at the moment, it would be Germany who Romano would blame if something were to happen to him.

And the last thing Italy wanted was for Germany to be blamed for something that he'd brought on himself. He felt so helpless and selfish as he remembered all the times Germany had come to running save him; all the times he was just completely useless. Germany was constantly covering for his screw-ups and mistakes, and what did he do? Just turn around and get himself in equal or greater trouble.

It wasn't until he suddenly bumped into America that he finally snapped out of his thoughts.

"Ouch... Sorry, I, um, guess I wasn't looking where I was..." America trailed off into silence, looking up. He then grinned. "Hey, dude, Italy, how's it going?!"

~ End of Chapter

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Standing on the Edge, Chapter 1 - Bleeding it Out

Story: Standing on the Edge, Chapter 1 - Bleeding it Out

Summary: As Italy struggles with his feelings for Germany, and his promise to Holy Roman Empire, he begins cutting as an out lit to deal with the pain. Even though he knows what he's doing isn't good for him, it's all he can think to do. Will he be able to recover, and stand on his own two feet as a nation again? Or will he be left, barely slipping through the cracks?

Pairings: GerIta, HRExItaly,  two Usuk scenes, and very light SpaMano

Genres: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Friendship, Family, & Humor,

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Blood had dripped in the bathtub, crimson liquid staining the once clean water below.

One cut for being so weak.

Two cuts for being such a coward

Three cuts for-

Italy turned his gaze when he heard a knock on the bathroom door. Tightly clutching the knife in his hand, he sighed. Thankfully, he'd locked the door after himself, so no one could walk in on him and see what he was doing to himself. No one could ever find out about this. He knew it wasn't healthy, but it was the only thing that helped ease the pain, at least a little.

"Veneziano! What's taking you so long in there?! Hurry up, bastardo, and don't waste all the damn water!" came a voice from outside the door, somewhat muffled by the splashing of the shower.


"R-Romano! ~Ve, I'll be out in a bit!" he said, putting on a fake smile, before it faded as he looked down at the bloody water then at his once soft flesh, which was now covered in pink scars, and cuts big and small, old and new. He recalled when first started doing this. It'd been about three month ago. He was out running some errands for Germany, And was practically on the verge of breaking down, when he passed by a knife. At that point, the idea just kind of came mind. He knew it wouldn't kill him, as nations couldn't die, but it was a good outlet. Why was he doing this, you may ask? He was weak. He was a coward. Even though he tried his best, he was constantly getting himself into trouble, and it caused Germany to have to rescue him. It would be one thing if it happened to once or twice, or even three times, but this practically every other day.

Three cuts, for wasting Germany's time.

Four cuts for being a burden to everyone.

Five cuts for not even being able to wait as he'd promised...

At this point, tears were freely streaming down his face, mixing in with the droplets of water below. 'Promise you'll wait for me.' Holy Roman Empire had said to him, before he left and never returned. It was very painful, but to add to that, Germany reminded him so much of him that it wasn't even funny, because every time he looked at Germany, he couldn't see Germany, as he always saw Holy Rome, instead.

Another cut...

Why did Germany have to share such a resemblance to the Holy Roman Empire? Why did he have to have those same blue eyes as him? The same blond hair? The same...everything...? Even their personalities were kind of similar...

Either way he looked at it, he knew Germany was Germany, and Holy Rome was Holy Rome. There was nothing that would change that. Anyway, he'd promised that he'd wait, and his commitment to Holy Roman Empire was absolute.

After a while, he pulled the plug in the bathtub, allowing the reddish water to drain, before he grabbed a large towel, drying himself off. He made sure to avoid to wiping the blood on his arm with the towel. If there was any blood on the towels, not only would Romano be irritated that his white towel was stained with blood, but he would also question why there was blood stains. What could he say, then? He never could understand what Romano was thinking, so he knew it was best to avoid irritating him.

He grabbed a paper towel, blotting up the blood and moisture on his arm. Afterward, he grabbed some bandage wrap from the medicine cabinet, covering up his wounds.

After slipping on his normal work clothes, and cleaning up after himself, he grabbed the knife that was still in the bathtub, washing it off under the sink. He then slipped it into one of his pockets, unlocking the door.

"Finally, Dammit!" growled Romano, as Italy stepped out. They briefly met each others eyes, before Italy left the room. Romano didn't know if it was just him, but Italy had seemed...different lately. He looked as if he was getting paler and paler every day.

Not that he would admit that he cared.

~ End of Chapter

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