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hetaliafic's Journal

Hetalia Fanfiction Community
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Welcome to hetaliafic! Before we commence with the bastardization of history, there are a few rules we'd like to share.

1. Since we're all polite diplomats and such, we'd like to ask that everyone remain civil.

2. When posting, either link to your own journal or place the fic under an LJ-cut. We also request that fics have the following format:

Title: (Mandatory.)
Author: (Mandatory.)
Rating: (G, PG, PG13, R, NC-17. Mandatory.)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): (You'll need it for the tags.)
Warnings: (Character death, OOC, NSFW, etc.)
Summary: (Not mandatory, but appreciated.)
Time Frame: (Also not mandatory, but nice to have.)

Posts not following the format will be deleted within one week of being reminded to modify them.

Important! Posts with NC-17 fanfiction must be locked.

3. Please use one of the already made tags. Posts without tags will be deleted within one week of being reminded to tag them.

4. Posts are to be fic-only.

5. Looking for a certain fic? Go to aph_request. We're sure someone can help you there.

6. If you'd like to ask for a beta, or offer your own beta skills, please put "beta" in your tags.

7. Locking comments, deleting comments, etc. in any post without mod permission and valid reason is not allowed.

8. Have fun!

Layout from toyhouse, slightly modified by meicdon13. [ Apparently, the original user named toyhouse either deleted or changed their journal and the name has been taken by someone else. ]